Obscura by Julie Gardner - Come out of Obscurity and be Seen!

  • Gigi - Cashmere Shawl
  • Gigi - Cashmere Shawl
  • Gigi - Cashmere Shawl
  • Gigi - Cashmere Shawl

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Gigi - Cashmere Shawl




The world is within us all making everything and everyone connected. The meaning of horses combines the grounded power of the earth with wisdom found in the spirit winds 

Gigi is an Australian slang word for Horse, but is also the name of the owner of the ranch I photographed these rescue horses on. Inside the black horse shows a scene I witnessed on a drive to the Californian ranch. It was about to rain and the sky was very dark and threatening. The sun had broken through a black cloud and shone intensely on a very small area of trees in a field. 

Dark clouds will block us from time to time, but no matter how difficult, these dark times will pass.

Size: 71x43" / 180x110cm. 

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