Obscura by Julie Gardner - Come out of Obscurity and be Seen!

Obscura™ by Julie Gardner

Obscura by Julie Gardner is high quality, natural fabric accessories and wearable art.

My design values reflect my love and respect for nature. I design from my own photographs and create everything using 100% natural fiber fabrics. My wearable accessories fold up small so easily fit into handbags, making them the perfect companion for traveling, giving women the option of transforming their clothes quickly. 

Don't confuse the words. There is nothing Obscure about Obscura Designs!

The name Obscura comes from 'Camera Obscura,' aptly named because I am a photographer and design from my photographs. Obscura means “a darkened enclosure through which light enters to form an image of the objects on the opposite surface.” My designs are the light and beautiful colors of the world around us.  You will NEVER be Obscure when you wear ‘Obscura Designs’ so come out of Obscurity and Dare to be Seen

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