Obscura Designs by Julie Gardner

Obscura begins with photography. These pieces designed by Julie Gardner, are keepsakes, works of art to be worn. Printed on exquisite 100% natural fabrics and finished to the highest quality, the designs are unique, bold, insightful and colorful. Stories in the telling.


For 7 years photographing the legendary musician, Neil Young, Julie fell in love with the varying beauty each country she visited had to offer. The marriage of the magic of music with the worlds daily offerings of nature's splendor inspired this amazing line of scarves, shawls and sarongs - Art to be worn by a new generation of global, stylish clientele. 

Easily put into a handbag, these pieces of wearable art are created from Julie’s original photographs, which are printed on high quality, natural fiber fabrics.

Obscura scarves are keepsakes to be treasured and worn in different ways, on different outfits, according to how you feel - today, tomorrow, next year and for the rest of your life.


Julie is a multi talented artist, live music film producer, studio engineer, photographer and designer.

She began her career as a Studio Engineer in the late  80's, relocating to London in the early 90's to work as a recording / mixing engineer at Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Studios. She started her own company in 2001 producing live multi camera music shoots and post production, filming live shows at venues.

In 2010 she received Grammy recognition for engineering work with Chrissie Hynde on the Blind Boys of Alabama Grammy winning "Go Tell It On The Mountain" album. In a long recording career Julie has worked with some the most successful recording artists and bands today, among them Neil Young, Van Morrison, Stephen Stills, Elvis Costello, Chrissie Hynde & The Pretenders, Joe Jackson, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Gary Moore, Deep Purple, John Legend and The Cranberries to name just a few.

 (Julie, engineering at Townhouse Studios London in the 90's. SSL)

 2008, Julie began photographing Neil Young; she captured him both on tour and behind-the- scenes on his myriad travels around the world. Her virtually unlimited access has created what is arguably the largest collection of Neil Young images available.

“Obscura Designs” is quite simply, an art form wherein Julie's photographic images are projected onto exquisite fabrics. The result is a stunning collection of luxury scarves and textiles. They are sumptuous; unique pieces – art to be worn, featuring fabulous imagery borne of one artist’s global journey alongside an unparalleled music icon 

Designer Julie Gardner holding the Geelong Cashmere/Modal scarf. Photo taken by Danny Clinch, Manhattan NY, Jan 4th 2014


Obscura Designs only use the highest quality, NATURAL fibre fabrics when making our pieces. We make everything with the upmost care, joy and passion, resulting in a stunning product that combines the comfort of the finest fabric with a dynamic artistic statement, made in bold, beautiful colors. Art to be worn! 

Natural Fabrics We Use:

Obscura scarves are made from Silks, Wools, Cashmere, Organic Cotton and Modal.

MODAL is made from beech wood chips. It combines the benefits of natural fiber with a fantastically soft feel. This natural fabric has the ability to absorb moisture like cotton. The yarn has the characters of strength, softness and luster.

Organic Cotton is cotton grown without using any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Organic cotton comes from plants that are not genetically modified.

Why Natural Fiber Fabrics only?

• Natural fiber fabrics are health friendly and environmentally friendly. 

• Polyester, nylons and other synthetic fibers are made from petrochemicals, are not biodegradable, making them unsustainable and harmful to the environment and ourselves.

• Petrochemical fibers restrict and suffocate your skin, shutting down toxic release. Your skin is one of the largest organs in the body. It is highly absorbent and very important to your well being. What you wear is as important as what you eat.


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